<kie> me and my friend were driving down the freeway one day and we saw this hitch-hiker and he fuckin decided to pick him up. so we pull over and my friend says hey bro u need a ride . and the hitch-hiker said yea just to the first gas-station please im stranded.. so my friend says alright man hop in, and you can put ur bag in the trunk .. and the hitch-hiker said "NO! THE BAG STAYS WITH ME"

<Nirak> heh, i love the internet, "all new desktoopx eliminatal, ediable aqua bars"

<kie> so me and my friend were like (hmm attitude ) so were driving and im like whats in the bag? and the hitch-hiker is like "NONE OF UR FUCKING BUISNESS" and im like wooahh .... so my friend tried to make it seem like he was just joking, you know and so he goes to the hitch-hiker heh naw serious bro whats in the bag

<Nirak> dood, dont get between a bum and his sack. you dont know where that bums sack has been.

<Nirak> *rimshot*

<kie> and the fucker goes "I SAID NONE OF UR FUCKIN BUISNESS ! JUST PULL OVER AND LET ME OUT HERE!" so we pull over and as the dude starts getting out of the car, my friend pushes him out the door and i take the dudes bag

<kie> and we took off

<Nirak> what was in the bag?





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